Spiritual  Readings

Spiritual Readings

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Book yourself a spiritual reading with us. We use the natural power of intuition for guidance. We use a range of spiritual reading cards in order to confirm your intuitive messages in plain sight. All readings are for entertainment purposes only and we do not offer health advice this is something you must see a healthcare professional for. 


Intuitive Readings : Intuitive readings are given using pure instinct and intuition. Using the souls natural abiltites, we are all gifted and attuned to the energy of the universe and all it takes is for an individual to trust and believe in the messages received. These readings will often be confirmed by the use of cards so that you can see the message in a visual manner also. 



Tarot Readings : Tarot readings are great if you have a desired objective in mind, there are many different tarot spreads which can reveal specific answers to questions you may wish to ask. Types of spreads are relationships and love, financial , career and perhaps family.