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It's All About the Mist

Karma 1to1 it's all about vibrational mist is a spiritual assistance tool. Each of the vibrational mists carries its own energy and gently aligns you with your higher self allowing what ever assistance you require at the time to happen with peace love and light. So what ever spiritual assistance you need whether it be love, prosperity, cleansing or protection, It's all about vibrational mist is here to assist you.

Himalayan Salt

Himalayan salt products like the shot glasses are craved is 100% finest food grade Himalayan pink salt. Himalayan salt has natural antibacterial properties. It also absorbs negativity and helps with clearance.

Spiritual Assistance Candles

These candles are to spiritually assist your intent. We have a range of candle which can work on different aspects of your life.

Spiritual Box Kits

It's all about spiritual boxes have been put together to make it easier for you, so weather it's a cleansing process you need to do, or you need prosperity or love these one stop boxes have all you need with instructions.


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