Courses & Workshops

Our range of workshops are listed below they can be purchased here on the site. There are payment options available, if you would like to do a course and would like to manage your payment plan in a different way to what's available, please email us at 

Cleansing and Protection 

Learn the basic techniques of how to cleanse, clear and protect your energy. This is useful for those on a spiritual journey and for those aware of different types of energy. On this workshop you will learn how to protect yourself and environment. You will browse some of the tools needed and create your own protection voils. 


Meditation Class 

Join us for a weekly meditation, learn new techniques if your are a beginner. These classes are a great way of finding some ME time and will help you manifest your desires. These classes will run weekly excluding half terms. 


Self Love Workshop 

 Embark on the self love journey, learn to love yourself and others unconditionally. Learn to remove the condition's placed on you as you grew up and the conditions that you've made your own. Begin to understand what love truly means to you. 


Tea & Tarot 

 An afternoon of tarot angel readings and tea at the old station yard cafe. With the accompaniment of angelic healing and cord cutting. 


Archangel Intuitive Course

Learn how to work with the angelic realm and receive messages. The skills you will learn on this course will teach you how to work with the angels and how to deliver a competent tarot reading. 


Reiki Course 

 We offer reiki attunements level 1 & 2, with this you can learn how to use the universal energy of reiki to heal yourself and others. 


I Create My Business 

 Do you have a business idea or perhaps you have multiple, then  this is the course for you. Learn the tools to manifest your business to life. Workpack included.


I Create Me 

 Are you fed up with how your feeling and seeking change, then I create me is just for you. Learn skills and techniques so that you can be true to your authentic self. 


Healing Through Affirmations 

 Learn how to heal yourself through affirmations. Healing  is a difficult journey and can be daunting at times. You can achieve anything you put your mind too and you can learn to heal yourself through postive words.